Easy money for Office 365 Administrators


Does you company have 5 or more Office 365 users?

CIO Systems, Inc. manages Office 365 accounts for San Diego based companies from one to 100 users. we are Microsoft Silver Partners with over 20 years of experience. 

Receive improved Office 365 support

By having CIO Systems become your Partner of Record we can assist you in managing your account. We can make sure you have the most appropriate licencing for your company

Contact CIO Systems, Inc. 619-293-8699

As a special reward we are offering a $25 Amazon gift card for each five licensed users brought over to us.* This good for up to the first 25 users. 

Same Price better service

Our license charges are the same as buying directly from Microsoft. The benefit you get is having us set up users, make changes and managing the licenses, making your life easier. You still have full access to your account if you wish to make any changes.

After the call we do all the work.

Just call us at 619-293-8600. We work with you to set us as your partner. There is no change in services and no interruptions. You will continue having the same types of licenses and this is invisible to end users. 

*Some details

-New clients only

-Gift card sent after first month's payment

-One year commitment required